Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hi this is my mum with me at school. We have be playing games with our class for Kaumatua/ Kuia Day. My mum and I had a lot of fun playing games.


  1. Kia Ora Alyssa, my name is Kyra I go to Grey Main School in Greymouth.

    I like your post about Kaumatua/ Kuia Day because you have a clear photo of your mum and yourself. I also like how you have given a small description on what was happening.

    What is Kaumatua/ Kuia Day?
    What games did you and your mum play?

    This reminds me of my family. It reminds me of Grandparent's day that we have at our school. Grandparent's day is when your grandparents come into your class and do things with you.

    Maybe next time you could say what Kaumatua/ Kuia Day is, as some people might not know (Like me) what it is. What was your favorite game or part of the day?

    Great post!
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    From Kyra, Grey Main School!

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  2. Hi Alyssa,
    Its Nadia here from St Patrick's primary school.
    I looks like you had lots of fun with your Mum. Maybe next time though you could add a little bit more blurb about, What are some of the fun things you did? What did you enjoy the most?
    From Nadia :)